Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Denim Library Bag

Around here school is OUT!! We are on our first week of Summer Vacation! Yipeee!!  We have not settled into a routine yet. For now we are just enjoying sleeping in and relaxing!  Ahhh so nice!

A little side note~ my kids have it down in the morning!  They creep out of bed and sit on the loft and watch tv.  The quieter they are, the longer I sleep.  As a result, the longer they get to watch tv... Hehehe if they only knew I was just enjoying the peace!

Well, anyway, summer around here means weekly trips to the library (along with all the other activities).  And boy do we want need a new library bag!  I swear my children alone check out 1/4 of the library with books, videos, books on cd and oh then there's my stuff too! Our bag has been bulging at the seams.  The seams, by the way, have been re-sewn a few times. So it's time for a new 2011 Library Bag! 

So in my stash I found some old denimy typy fabric and whipped up a new bag!

Fabric flowers!  Just can't get enough of them!  This bag is big! 
We can fit lots of "educational" I mean "fun" material in there! 

Super easy to make. Two rectangles sewn together on 3 sides.  Hem at the top and attach straps.  Decorate as desired!


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