Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Page Wreath

Well, I did it!  I finally did it!  I created a book wreath!  These book pages have been cut up and in an envelope for at least 2 months.  I kept thinking, "I'll get to it!"  I finally did!  And it didn't take as long as I thought!  I love the way it turned out!

There's that one circle that is sticking out kinda funny on the lower left.  I'm trying to get over it!  You know when you make something yourself you notice all the little imperfections.  Hmmm!

Want to know how I did it? 
Well, all the circles were cut from book pages.  The circles are 4" in diameter. 
Then I grabbed my hot glue gun and made little cones with the circles. 
I glued them onto a wooden embroidery loom and just kept glueing until I felt like it looked done. 
I made three rows. 


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  1. This looks amazing! I think I'm going to try it! I would love it if you could stop by Heck Fridays today(Thursday) and post it on our first link party!


    Hope to see you soon!!!