Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Flower

Ahhhh Spring!!! My favorite time of the year!!
The weather is wonderful and I love the beautiful colors and flowers of Spring! 

Soooo on to flowers!! Well, my daughter wears a flower in her hair only EVERYDAY!! So we have lots and lots of hair flowers.  I thought I'd write a little tutorial on how I make mine!

Finished hair flower.  

You will need:

Bling/Button to put in the middle
Clip or Pin
Glue (I use hot glue)

1.  Take the stem off the flower.
2.  Remove the middle portion. (brown and yellow pictured)

3.  Glue all the layers of the flower together.
4.  Glue on your bling.

5.  Cut two circles (about 1") or whatever fits on the back of your flower.
6.  Glue the first circle to the flower.
7.  Next put the other circle in the clip and glue the two circles together with the top portion of the clip in between.
You are DONE!! Sooo cute!

Hope you find these instruction useful!

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